About Us

Welcome to Speedup Pickleball, your premier destination for world-class pickleball paddles!

Our journey began when two racquet sports aficionados, Santhosh and Mac, made a leap from their backgrounds in tennis, ping pong, and badminton to the rapidly growing sport of pickleball. From the vibrant courts of Miller Park in Seattle to the Presidio Wall in San Francisco, their passion was not just for the game but for the  welcoming community they found.

As doubles partners with aspirations of turning professional in pickleball, they spent countless hours on the court, constantly evaluating their equipment. However, a significant challenge stood out: the astonishingly high costs of top-notch paddles, which seemed unreasonable given the materials they were crafted from. This realization ignited a spark.

At Speedup Pickleball, our mission became clear - to disrupt the market by crafting the highest performance pickleball paddles, without the hefty price tag. We delved deep into the process, working hand-in-hand with our manufacturers to ensure that only the best materials were sourced - such as Aerospace-grade Japanese Toray T700 Carbon Fiber sheets and remarkably durable polypropylene honeycomb cores.

At Speedup Pickleball, innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our paddles, sculpted with a distinct mold, are optimized for spin, power, and touch, ensuring they meet the exacting standards of professional players and enthusiasts alike.

Every paddle we craft is a testament to our founders' dedication to unrivaled performance. And while we take immense pride in our products, we believe that the true testament lies in your experience. That's why, if for any reason our paddle doesn't meet your expectations, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Here's to elevating the game, setting new standards, and ensuring you play at your absolute best.

Welcome to the Speedup family.