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Speedup Fire 14mm

Speedup Fire 14mm

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Introducing the Speedup Fire 14 : Set the Court Ablaze 🔥

Ready to add some heat to your game? The Fire 14 is here to ignite that spark. Living up to its fiery name, this paddle combines speed, spin, power, and precision without compromise. The paddle is aerodynamically engineered to reward whippy drives, two-handed backhands, precise flicks, and powerful punches at the kitchen line. If you're a player who's fond of the sturdy handles present in tennis and badminton rackets, this paddle will feel like a familiar friend.

Thanks to our advanced thermoforming process paired with foam edgewall inserts, you'll be delighted by the large and consistent sweet spot. Whether you're gearing up for intense hands battles, enjoy driving, or are looking for a singles paddle, the Fire 14 is your trusty sidekick.

Speedup Fire 14 Technical Specifications

Average Weight: 7.9 Ounces

Weight Range: 7.8 - 8.0 Ounces

Swing Weight: 117

Twist Weight: 5.85

Surface: Aerospace Grade Toray T700 Raw Carbon Fiber

Construction: Thermoformed Unibody Design with Foam Edge Walls

Core Material: High Performance Polypropylene Honeycomb

Core Thickness: 14mm

Paddle Length: 16.5”

Paddle Width: 7.5”

Handle Length: 6”

Handle Circumference: 4.125”

Handle Shape: Octogonal

Handle Material: Polyurethane Mold over Reinforced Carbon Fiber

Shape: Hybrid Aerocurve

Warranty: 3 Months on Manufacturer Defects

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    Built Like a Tennis Racket, Fine Tuned for Pickleball Perfection

    Drawing inspiration from the tennis world, our paddle boasts a polyurethane mold atop the handle, reminiscent of a tennis racket's premium touch. This unique design not only minimizes vibrations but also offers an ergonomically crafted grip. The outcome? A paddle that feels like an extension of your hand, putting you in full control of every shot. Experience heightened touch, precision, and the confidence that every swing is in your command.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Sam C
    Speed Up Fire

    Absolutely loving this paddle right now. Considering a 2nd one just to have as back up cause I don’t want to play with any other paddle. Coming from the Ronbus Gen 1 Pulsar this paddle just does everything better. Pop and power perfect for my play style.

    No tennis background needed

    A lot of online reviews suggests this is best for tennis players turned pickle; while that may be true I love it just the same and I have no racquet sports background. The longer handle makes back hand twoeys effortless; the 14mm core and light weight give a distinct advantage in hand fights at the kitchen. This paddle has been exactly what I thought it would be and more; for the price it’s an incredible value compared to the premium priced paddles. Speedup all day!

    ❤️ my SpeedUp Fire Paddle!!!

    Using about 2 weeks now, bought it for longer handle & seems like I’m reaching balls & connecting @ a sweeter spot!

    Best deal on a high performance paddle

    I’ve been playing with the Fire 14mm for a month now and have nothing but good things to say about it. Gives me all the spin, power, and control that I need. For more beginner players, I’d recommend the Ice 16mm. For 4.5+ players the Fire will do you right.

    Nathan W
    Great paddle for the right player

    As a former tennis player coming from a CRBN 1x and a 6.0 DBD, this paddle was the first 14mm I have played with. It fits my play style perfectly and I would recommend this paddle to you if you are 3.5+ and fit some specific criteria. If you love a 2HBH and don't like to put your finger on the paddle, the long handle will feel perfect even if you have large hands. It also gives some more leverage to hit hard drives and serves. The 14mm core and stiffer face mean you get great feedback in your hand when you strike the ball (something I didn't get from my other paddles). If you like a plush/muted feeling paddle I would look elsewhere. The long handle does eat into the paddle face though, so I would only consider this paddle if you are confident in the ability to hit the center of the paddle face on most shots. My only complaints with the paddle are that the parts of the face with graphics are completely smooth with no texture (hasn't really affected my play to my awareness), and the included paddle cover is too small and won't zip all the way. Overall, a great paddle for a great price and is now my go to for doubles play.